Zen And The Art Of Speedskating

The Stockholm Speedskater Club Championship this past weekend marked the end of the inline season, and we can now all look forward to the winter season with lots of iceskating. There will be many laps at Ö–IP, beautiful tourskating days and of course a return to Ö–stersund to compete in the Vertex24.

If you are interested in skating in general, and iceskating in particular, there is one website that you really must check out, and it is called Zen and the Art of Speedskating. It is run by Andrew Love, who last year managed to get into the top 10 at the US National Championships. This is truly a great achievement since Andrew started his long track skating career when he was 31 years old !

The ZATAOSS site is full of really interesting articles, and my favourite is the one where Andrew visits the Viking Factory in the Netherlands.