Tur-rapport från Å-Line sträckan Åkerberga-Stockholm 14/6

Frank Troberg har skrivit en tur-rapport från den sista sträckan av Å-Line 2007 som gick från Åkerberga till Stockholm. Frank Troberg och Björn Larsson guidade ett trevligt sällskap med inlines åkare från Finland, Nederländerna och Tyskland i ett vackert sommarväder.

Frank har skrivit tur-rapporten på engelska så att våra gäster ska kunna läsa och förstå…..

Å-Line 2007 – The Mail Road Across the Land and Sea, the last stage Åkersberga – Stockholm.
Janne Eklund, an enthusiastic skater from Finland, organized a four days Inline tour from Turkku (Åbo) to Stockholm, using the old Post Route, which means that the skated via Lappo – Eckerö – Grissleham – Åkersberga -Stockholm.

Janne asked Stockholm Speedskaters Speedskaters if we know the best skating roads from Grisslehamn to Stockholm. I, together with Roland and Björn discussed with Janne and everything ended up in some advice and that Björn and I promised that we should come along and skate the last stage from Åkersberga as “Inlines-Guides”

I was a bit worried because the weather had not been too good the last week, but when Björn picked me up with his car early on Saturday morning, the sky was blue and no wind at all!

After a quick drive to the hotel Stensnäs Hotel outside Åkersberga, Björn and I met all the happy skaters. I thought that they should be tired, but no, all of them where extremely fresh and in a very good mood.

This day, Janne couldn’t skate along, one of the frames on his inlines was broken, so he drove the Car with all the luggage instead.


After a quick cup of coffee and some chatting, we started, and what a start. The stage started with a steep, uphill slope.

After the pumping start, we had a couple of kilometers nice skating through the suburbs into Åkersberga.

After Åkerberga, we took the road which goes from Åkersberga to Vaxholms-vägen. It’s an old road, which is narrow and has a lot of curves. Usually High speed and a lot of cars and buses. I was worried for this part.

The group had split up in three groups, Björn took the lead of the first group and I skated alone between the second and the third group.

I was supprised, everything went well, no incidents at all and the 8 kilometer went fast. Anyway, I was relieved when came to the crossroad Svinningevägen Waxholmsvägen.

We took a short waterbreak at a busstop, before we turned right and out on Waxholmsvägen, a road which not suited for Inlines, but it was just a kilometer and downhill.


I like to skate downhill but this time it was no hit, in the middle of the slope, I lost my camera, which was totally damaged, everything has its offer!

At the next crossroad, Rydbo korset, we turned right again and started to skate up to the small village Rydbo, which happens to where I live. A short break outside my house to say hello to my wife and kids and then of for the fastest downhill slope of the day, the famous Elk slope, where I almost crashed into an elk a couple of years ago.


We followed Rydbovägen, under E18, and to the bikeroad which goes under Arningeleden , the target now was Täby Centrum.

There is a lot of construction work going on in Täby so we had to take a detour through the residential area. One of the skaters fall and got hurt in her hip. Detours are never good.

We passed Täby Centrum and followed the railroad to the parking slot at Roslags Näsby Railway station where Janne was waiting with the car. It was time for a lunchbreak, which was about time because I was out of energi.

Half an hour later, we went of again. The target this time was Mörby Centrum. We continued to follow the Railroad a few kilometers and then we skated up to Enebybergsvägen. We used the bike road and crossed Sollentuna vägen and stopped outside Danderyds Kyrka but on the opposite side of the motorway.

I had skated here just a few times and I had never found a good way. Björn and I discussed how we should continue. Mörby is on the top of a big hill and we decided to take the road on the left side of the Motorway, mostly because we know that the asphalt is good.

I’m not sure that we took the best way, after passing the motorway again we had to walk down the steepest slope, it was too dangerous to skate down.


Anyway, this was the part with the steepest slopes and it was behind us. From here on the way should easy.

We skated along the cycle roads, passed Danderyds sjukhus, under the motorway again, over Stocksunds Bridge and stopped outside Naturhistoriska Museet. We had now reached Stockholm.


More Cycle roads, we passed University of Stockholm, Roslagstull and stopped on the parking slot just beside the road to the former Roslagstulls Hospital.

Björn explained that we have to skate on streets and payments the last kilometers. One of the skaters changed into fitness inlines with breaks, which was a good idea.

From now on we kept the group together. We followed Vallhalavägen, switched to Ö–stermalmsgatan and followed it to Karlaplan. We where close!

From Karlaplan, we took Karlavägen- Banergatan- Narvavägen and turned right at Strandvägen.

We followed strandvägen. Strandvägen, a sunny Saturday afternoon is not a place where you can skate fast, I promise. No incidents.

We skated through Berzelli Park, over Blasieholmen and down to Kungsträdgården. People everywhere and 17 skaters in a row are spectacular.

The last few meters, over Strömbron and up to the castle. The goal was reached! The group had skated from Turkku to Stockholm!


We celebrated with Henkel Trocken and took of course pictures of the group in front of the Castle. We checked the GPS log and it said that today’s stage was 50 kilometers.

The group continue to the Hostel but I had go back home. A very funny tour was finished.