Vi fick ett mail…

Aaron Richard Arndt. (bilden är hämtad från hans hemsida)

Skickade ett mail till till Aaron Arndt, han som assisterade Barry Publow på
våran egenarrangerade Barry Publow-kurs i höstas. Här kom svaret:

Hi Jan! 
I just found this email in my junk mail folder.  I am sorry for the delay in
my response.  I just got home From Florida, USA training for this summer’s
WIC season.  I am sooo excited!  Maybe I will see you!  🙂
I wore my Stockholm Speed training shirt in Florida, and severl people asked
where it was from.  Thank you again for the experience in Sweden!  It was
really a positive and memorable trip, and thank you again for your great
I am starting my winter term back at school tomorrow, and I am training and
skating mostly.  Yes, if you have a second, check out I am
still working on it, but there a few good articles so far.
I will probably be living in Switzerland this summer racing.
So far, I am actually having a great winter.  It has not been too cold, so I
am still rifing my bike and skating whenever I can outdoors.  We also skate
indoors three days a week, and I skate a little ST when I have time.

Anyway, thanks for passing along the email. I hope to hear again from you
Good luck in skating, and I hope to see you this summer.  Will you do the
Happy New Year,
Aaron Richard Arndt.